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About Empoy

Enable our youth to explore the various options available to them

All too often, our kids tend to consider only the career options that are visible to them in their daily lives and immediate circles of influence. Instead, Empoy will present our kids with community leaders from a diverse set of professions

Connect our youth with opportunities beyond the classroom

A very integral part of career selection and development is hands-on experience. Unfortunately, most of our youth will not get many chances to test the various fields that interest them. At Empoy, one of our key goals is to help connect our youth with internship and mentorship opportunities that they might not have access to otherwise

Help our youth achieve leadership skills and develop compassion for the community at large

While excellence in skills and training is very important, we believe it does not necessarily equate to successful leadership. For Empoy, success is not defined by financial well-being. Rather, it is achieving a delicate balance between financial savvy and compassion. And leadership is not just a high level position in a firm, but rather it is one's ability to raise everyone else up with him or her

Empoy Leadership

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