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Youth Leadership Session with Irving Police Chief Spivey

EMPOY, a non-profit NGO based in Irving, TX conducted a session for local youth to interact with Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey. This was the first in a series of EMPOY events called Leadership Unplugged.

As part of Leadership Unplugged, EMPOY is inviting local leaders of diverse backgrounds to share their leadership experience and career journey. These sessions are meant to provide a unique perspective on career options and what it means to be successful in a career. At EMPOY, compassion and community service are considered to be factors as important as financial benefits and job titles.

The session with Irving police chief was attended by more than 30 students. There were a lot of interesting questions from students about policing and gun violence. Attendees gained a lot from this session, and we look forward to providing more of such opportunities.

If you are interested to volunteer, please contact us at

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